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Hope Your 4th of July Was FUN!

Took some time out from the studio to shoot video for one of the TV shows coming to your digital video menu in the next couple of months.

Mike Jones and I have created The Ultimate Network, and a new show called The Ultimate Pool Party Series to go along with the Ultimate Motorcycle Show and the Ultimate Cannabis Show. All of the shows are coming to several digital outlets before the end of the year. Watch for them! Here are the sizzle reels for them.

ONE’s Terranomaly album is getting back on track next week. Watch for “Wake Up” coming soon.


Tracks In Process for Wake Up Again

Track 4 on ONE’s “Terranomaly” album is called Wake Up (Again). The structure has finally solidified, and the drums and rhythm-bass are laid down. The other bass track is slated for tomorrow, so I’d better be ready to lay down some killer lead guitar this weekend!

Check back in the next couple of days to hear a pre-release sample, or maybe even the whole song.

I almost went reggae on this one, but at the last second…


Terranomaly Album Cover

The album art is almost finished for the entire album… (and why wouldn’t it be, as I did the art already for the FIRST album!)

Here is the working album cover for the debut album of ONE called Terranomaly.

What is unusual here? See any terran anomalies?


re-Sacrificed Self Is On the Way!

Track 3 of the TERRANOMALY album by ONE is re-Sacrificed Self. This one is really breaking away from the original recording a bit, with extra tracks, and extra breaks.

The song should be ready by the end of the week, so be sure to come back and see what’s new here on


re-Breaking Day is Almost Ready!

I’ve been busy today laying ONE tracks down for the 2nd song on the Terranomaly album, called re-Breaking Day. Just some more vocals to put in and it’s mix-down time!

Be looking for it tomorrow sometime. Meanwhile, be sure to visit my new VIMEO site with re-Born In A Hue Of Blue on it!