Carla Darin’s Bio

Carla Darin

 Carla Darin – Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Artist, Lecturer, Spiritualist

Coming from a musical family, it is no surprise that Carla plays several instruments, but the lower end of the audio spectrum is what allows her passion to be painted through the air with 5 fat strings. As a young girl, Carla played piano, all varying forms of clarinet, and was in choir, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that Carla started playing bass.

“When I was young, I really wanted to play drums but my parents weren’t cool with that, and although it hindered my passion for music a bit at that time, they had the wisdom to expose me to the piano; an amazing instrument and one I still rely on, even when playing bass. My training on all varieties of the clarinet allowed me to understand both treble and bass clef, and although I really loved the bass clarinet, the Eb soprano was actually my favorite of the clarinet family. Regardless, all of them were solid foundations C10for what was to come. Learning to play the drums is still of great interest to me; however, due to several projects, and life in general sometimes, that particular manifestation is still in the creation phase.

CarlaInRoswell“Just as with the drums, my love of everything bass started at an early age. I like to feel the rhythm and beat, no doubt about it. There’s something primal about it, not unlike sitting around a campfire. The vibrations and frequencies of the bass and drums shift my energetics into a higher place; one of long memories and joy.

“My life’s path carried me elsewhere for many years but the call to play bass became so strong that I started focusing on making that happen. One day, someone I worked with announced that he was intending to sell his bass and amp. Funny, I didn’t even know he played bass. I guess luckily for me, he really didn’t. That was the beginning for me and I’m so grateful because there is nothing like rockin’ on stage.”

Carla01Carla’s musical influences include  Aerosmith, Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, ZZ Top, the Allman Brothers, BTO, Grand Funk, Stone Temple Pilots, Megadeth, Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, Pat Metheny, Neil Diamond, Humble Pie, The Cars, Van Halen, and Alice Cooper, to name a few.