Jeff Byrd’s Bio

  Jeff ByrdKeyboardist, bassist, guitarist, percussionist, songwriter, live/studio recording engineer, mastering engineer, and producer.

Jeff plays a wide variety of instruments. He has written music for corporate productions, radio, TV, and Film and has multiple album credits. Jeff has worked production with several bands and has been involved with Grammy Award winning producers. He has vast MIDI experience, and developed multiband spatial audio processing for the broadcast industry. He is currently a voting member of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in addition to his membership in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Jeff began his journey into music at the age of seven, when he began playing the trumpet, and by age 10 had completed the equivalent of 8 years of formal piano training. As a child and young adult, Jeff’s strongest influence came from his grandmother, who encouraged him to develop and hone his musical abilities, having been a quite accomplished pianist and organist herself. Although he has studied music theory, composition, and has learned to play many instruments over the years, Jeff’s main talent lies in playing music from his soul and excels in improvisation techniques.

One thing about his music is perfectly clear – he steers clear of traditional arrangements and veers off into rarely charted territory in his compositions. It is fresh, exhilarating and memorable at the very least. At it’s very best, the music will catch you off guard and you’ll be rocking out hard before you ever even knew what hit you!