Michael Macpherson’s Bio

Michael MacphersonSinger/songwriter, musician, engineer, educator, scientist, video producer, contactee

“I suppose seeing pictures of me at 2 1/2 years old holding a Gibson guitar like I’d been playing for years, I should have known that music was my destiny.”

From the age of 14, he always felt best when on stage performing at local clubs. “I’d pay the other busboys to close for me so that I could play bass in the lounge for tips.”

At 18, Michael had a band in Prescott, Arizona called “Shogun.” With Whitfield Mercer III on bass, and Mike Loomis on drums, they tore it up at the St. Michael’s Underground as the house band for several months. Note the customized guitar and hand-built light show, or as they called it back then, “color organ.”

“The old days (70s and 80s) created the best music ever. It is timeless. That’s why they put it in GuitarHero, RockBand, and on half of the TV commercials.”

The ’80s was a big influence on Michael, and bands such as Styx, Toto, and Nightranger had a power rock sound requiring several band members. The band “SEAL” was the progressive rock band of the 80s in Phoenix. It consisted of Dave Froehlich on drums, Earnie Reed on bass, Dave “Doc” Dixon on keyboards, Christine Aquilino on vocals, Russ Graves on guitar, and Michael on guitar, synths, and vocals. Christine’s brother Jon Aquilino was in the Schoolboys, and IKON, which along with Surgical Steel, were the “hair metal” bands of Phoenix.

Michael started with harmonica at age 8, guitar and choir at age 9, bass at 13, drums at 14, and keyboards at 20. His mixed-use of live synthesizers with guitar adds a fullness that one is used to hearing from 5 and 6 piece bands, not trios.

“Element 115 was the only rock band with a UFO Alien drummer.”

In 2007 and 2008, Element 115 was the center of attention at the Roswell UFO Festivals. Michael created a MIDI-to-animation converter, and a 10 foot tall UFO Alien drummer who appeared on stage with the band on a 12 foot plasma video wall.

With a degree in Computer Science, and over 10 years of experience as an electrical engineer and mechanical designer, Michael always has plans for improving the wow factor of his shows.

“I can relate to Tom Scholz of Boston. He has had his own studio since the late ’60s, plays all the instruments, and writes melodic parts which still rock! “

 There is a more serious side to the alien connection with Michael, however.

“Having been ‘abducted’ in my own house by five really tall, slightly large-eyed aliens, I know first hand that our government is covering up the truth when it comes to alien life here on Earth.  All communication was telepathic (via video stream), and to this day I have conflicting sources as to why I was visited, Carla was numbed, and I was allowed to remember some parts of the event.
DSC_2236MSingsWith a message to deliver, and more people to Wake Up, Michael always steps up to the front of the stage and engages the audience, urging them to participate in the show. “The more people are singing in the audience, the more energy is delivered on point, and the point is love.

“When fear is completely removed from consciousness, love can flourish. That’s what the Wake Up album is all about. Once you see what’s really going on, you can distance yourself from the fear generators, and enjoy this vacation we call ‘life’ in spite of the wishes of the controllers.”

 Michael’s musical influences include Boston, Def Leppard, the Monkees, Van Halen, the Doobie Brothers, Yes, Aerosmith, Steelheart, Stryper, the writer of Greensleeves, and all the classical music used in Warner Brothers cartoons. His stage show influences include KISS, the Tubes, Pink Floyd, and Queen.