Faux Terranomaly vs. REAL Terranomaly

While the faux terranomaly dredges up old copies of DOA to go with old copies of Vampire Lady (versions of both songs were also sung by me once I joined the band), I’m re-recording the WAKE UP album, singing all the vocals and playing all the instruments as well this time! The album will be called “Terranomaly.”

Here is a teaser for you. It’s a sample of re-Born In A Hue Of Blue.




Re-make of New American Anthem

When I wrote New American Anthem back in 2014, I had no idea that things would get so much worse regarding the top elite, and the rest of the planet.

In the middle of the song, an ET says, among other things, “85 people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion combined.” Looking back, that was a good thing. Now, the economic indication is that EIGHT people now have the same wealth as half the planet, or over 3.6 BILLION people!  Is this system of global energy control and restriction of advanced technology from the people working?

I’d say NO.

When I track the vocal on New American Anthem, I’ll be updating that line.

Stay AWAKE, America.


Born In A Hue of Blue Two

I have started the recording of Born In A Hue of Blue on my band ONE’s album currently titled Terranomaly. This first track is bouncier, but still blues, and has even cooler organ riffs than the first version.

The guitar leads are as close to the first version as I can get and still keep them over the new chord structure.

I will probably video the last track being recorded (the last lead guitar) for y’all to see. It could be fun.

The whole album will eventually be ONE-a-fied, and ONE will eventually do all the rock songs I’ve written. Warrior is already ONE-a-fied.


The First Song from the New Album

The first song I’m re-recording is Born In A Hue of Blue. This time, with the lyrics already written, and knowing that this is a concept album AHEAD of time, I’ll probably record with a different dynamic. The drums are done, so now the ‘rhythm bass’ will determine the overlaying chord structure of the song.On ONE’s Terranomaly album, there are TWO bass players, as there are two different basses. That’s how I had the band envisioned in 2015.

The lyrics won’t be a surprise, and most of the leads will sound hauntingly familiar…



Who is the BASS PLAYER of Terranomaly?

While Jeff Byrd has alleged that he played the tracks in the music beds given to Michael, the only bass player that has played the songs AND was recognized by the band as the bass player is Carla Darin. That’s why she is in the picture, and no posers are.


Others TRY to be Terranomaly

Interestingly, during the time I created an entirely new show, video taping my live performance of over 130 parts for 45 rock songs, and singing all the parts, the “pretenders” have dug up a four year old copy of Vampire Lady, pretended to be in “the studio” writing for “Jeff Fresh” (really still Jeff Byrd who no longer has a studio), and not one new line or lead guitar track has been created by them. Wow.

This is not surprising, considering I wrote the only album Terranomaly ever released, and write meaningful lyrics, not corny lines like, “The moon is full and your lips are, too.”

WAKE UP by Terranomaly was a message. It was a mandate for the survival of our souls. It has a style that will never be equaled by these pretenders, or even be in the same league as WAKE UP ever again. Of course, that’s just my opinion, based on the people now with the moniker of Terranomaly, and the evidence available to date.

Be Happy. It’s the best thing after you Wake Up.


Vampire Lady NEW? HARDLY!

I have the version of Vampire Lady recorded with my vocals from JUNE of 2014. REQUEST A COPY HERE.

What was it that Jennifer Aniston said as she was made the offer to stick with managing a band that Mark Wahlberg just walked out of?


Next they’ll be posting “Move It Deeper” and saying it’s new. Oh, want to hear that one? REQUEST IT HERE (from January of 2013).