NEW Stuff is Really OLD stuff!

While the “new” Terranomaly pretends to write new stuff, they are posting the old stuff recorded before the Wake Up album, and before I came on board to replace Kevin as the songwriter for the band.
Vampire Lady, Move It Deeper, Stranger At The Pentagon, and Stogie Smokin’ Woman were all recorded prior to Wake Up, but only Vampire Lady was sung by anyone besides me.

Meanwhile, in the last 2 months, I’ve created an entirely new act, where I play all the instruments and sing all the tracks in a band that appears behind me on stage on a video wall or high-end projection screen.

I believe I’m the first to pull this off, and the show is REALLY cool, with a string of classic rock favorites, played by classy guys in black suits, while I do the lead instrument and lead vocals in a white suit, interacting with the audience in a fun and creative way.

Visit ONE MAN ONE BAND for more info.

Another album for THIS Terranomaly? It all depends on how badly the other guys screw up the name. Let’s see if they flop in a hurry. If so, I just may release a “Wake Up AGAIN” album.



Wow! It just keeps getting better and better!

Jerry Wills has committed perjury to attempt to shut down my livelihood, my friends’ websites, and my ability to re-coup my investment on the creation of the Wake Up album, as lead singer, lead guitarist, and lyricist of Terranomaly during 2013-2017.

He filed this complaint to my internet provider, which shut down over 20 web sites, belonging to friends and clients, committing perjury in the process, all for a personal vendetta.

Interestingly, here are my TOP 10 FAVORITE QUOTES FROM JERRY WILLS’ OWN MOUTH, REGARDING THE WAKE UP ALBUM right after I wrote it, and he interviewed me on his internet radio show. (THESE CLIPS ARE INCLUDED UNDER TITLE 17 PERMISSION FOR NEWS AND REVIEW PURPOSES).

The quotes prove beyond reasonable doubt, that Jerry KNOWS I wrote the lyrics, sang the vocal tracks, played the lead guitar tracks, and was THE influence in message, look, and feel of the album back in 2014. He also has recorded in my studio, and knows I recorded all of my tracks in my studio.

Now, he put THIS on, which got resurrected after Jeff had forwarded the site to my backup ( for the last year because Jeff couldn’t afford to host during that time period.

First off, I never signed with anybody! Terranomaly consisted of Jeff and myself, and no one else, as evidenced on the back of the album, the official ONE-SHEET, released by Byrd, radio interviews, etc. If Wills IS actually VP of JBM, then he has access to all the files and knows I have no contract with JBM, and JBM has no permission to file copyright papers on my material without proper compensation.
I’m pretty darn sure that this October 15, 2014 file predates anything Wills tried to do.

What is his motivation for committing perjury? He DESPERATELY wanted to be a bass player in the band, and though all he had to do was play the material to land the role, he was woefully insufficient to pull it off. He failed the audition, as it were. That failure, that lack of ability to ACTUALLY perform what was written, and being called on it, manifested in Jerry a long-plotted vendetta, where HE could take over the record company, and try to squash the tracks I wrote.

Problem is, the record company has no contract from me giving them permission to copyright without my name on the papers. In actuality, JBM has STOLEN my intellectual property, and registered it as their own, and their officers have committed PERJURY to try to pull this off.

The remaining CDs will NOT be destroyed, but WILL be offered to you in 3, 5 and 10 packs (because I own all of them) to play it forward!




After speaking to Jeff Byrd on the phone only a week ago, today I find out that his new “VP” has decided to attempt to squash my art. Yes, the new “VP” of Jeff Byrd Music is none other than Jerry Wills, the guy who failed the audition for one of the bass player positions slotted for the band over two years ago. Not only has Wills coerced Jeff into pulling the music from publication and sale, he attempted to thwart me, (the guy who wrote the songs, the message, the artwork, and financed the CD) from using my own creations on YouTube (yes, I also wrote, shot, and produced the music videos for the album as well).

That said, Jeff is without legs, a job, or a career, and Jerry “rescued” Jeff from homelessness, and is now using the situation to try to get donations for none other than …Jerry Wills. Don’t buy the story.

On their website, they say that I’m a terrible guy with a terrible message. They say I’m anti-government. (I’m only anti-anti-Constitutional govt). They are so afraid that people are recognizing false flag terrorism, manifesting their own realities with love and light, and recognizing the pitfalls of fiat currency, that they have to demonize me, personally. They say my message is wrong. Don’t buy the story.

The mastering company, Magic+Mayhem in Nashville, mastered the entire album for 2 cases of beer instead of $10,000. Why? No doubt, they’re Trump fans, saw the lyrics, got the message, and wanted to help get the word out. This was in 2015. Where was the outcry against the product in the meantime? Nowhere, because Wills had not co-opted Jeff’s company until now. Don’t buy the story.

That said, I have no further interest in that band, but intend on playing my music that I wrote, and I continue to sell the CD’s that I had made, I paid for, and I have possession of. Since I have the only ones, you can only get them here.


I have a great new act that I want to let you all know about, and that is called ONE. You can investigate this unique act here if you like.

In closing, I’d like to wish Jeff Byrd success, as I did from day ONE in his band “Jeff Byrd Project” that had Jerry Wills in it. It’s a shame Wills can’t make it on his own, and feels a need to interfere in my creation, the WAKE UP album, in order to be in my league.

Still ain’t there, bro, still ain’t there. 😉


A Performance at the Famous Main Stage

041forWebThe Main Stage in Cottonwood, Arizona, is a legend in time. It has hosted a veritable plethora of acts from local to global over the decades it has been in existence. Next to the Performing Arts Center in Sedona, it is the biggest indoor stage in the area, as well.

Carla, Michael, and local favorite “Drummer Dan” performed several great rock songs last Thursday night. The trio, performing everything from Rick Derringer to ZZ Top to TEAR-A-NOMALY, breaks away from the traditional rock and blues numbers prevalent to the area.



World’s Biggest Guitar Pedalboard?

IMG_0684 This may not be the WORLD’s biggest, but it is definitely quite the contraption!

Designed by Michael, this rolling unit contains a VG-8, GR-30, PODxt-LIVE and switches and pedals to modify the sounds they create. Under the mixer is a pair of Sennheiser receivers for the band’s wireless headset microphones.

IMG_0705Wanting to have a one-piece unit with a left and right output to plug into PA’s in small clubs, Michael added the telescoping mixing board mount for the Mackie mixer. The menagerie of cables is cleanly tucked away, and need not be assembled at the venue.